Inventory Management

To safeguard your collections our inventory management software has been designed exclusively for heritage artefact sample storage and provides comprehensive records that meet the strictest requirements.

The VIMS system stores the precise location of each of your items at every condition - identifying the room reference, bay reference, shelf reference, unique box/sample. All activities such as residency, removals, moves, relocations and returns are recorded with the individuals ID, the precise time, date and action.

Our proven sample management tracking software can:

  • Store data associated with each of your items
  • Allow you to view data and status regarding your stored items
  • Record, monitor and print in-depth audit trails for your stored items
  • Reliably and securely process the storage and retrieval of large and small quantities of items
  • Distribute collections or part collections as directed
  • Print labels with human readable barcodes
  • Produce human readable labels
  • Identify location and loans
  • Identify the condition applicable to the collection

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